Adventure and freedom, or simple free time and relaxation:
The market for caravans, travelling and expedition modules is booming.

The needs of motor home owners for increasingly high-quality products and solutions are increasing.

We offer our original IGLHAUT all-wheel drive for those who want to differentiate themselves from the wide mass and reach objectives that cannot be reached with a regular off-road vehicle.

Based on the Mercedes-Benz sprinter – the standard on the transporter market – you can configure your motor home that will come with you to the end of the world! The sprinter's car-like driving comfort in combination with a highly off-road-capable all-wheel drive is the perfect basis for relaxed all-wheel adventures!

Designed with true mechanical differential locks, rough-profile all-terrain tyres and massive undertray protection devices will enable you to comfortably switch to the large off-road reduction and continue driving where drivers of vehicles with electronically-controlled all-wheel systems are starting to unload their camping furniture.


Mountain-air adjustment of the control unit for EURO 5 and 6 motors

For expedition vehicles that are often or permanently operated at high altitudes, the control unit requires mountain-air adjustment. For example, the burn-out times of the soot-particle filter are optimised, which prevents subsequent damage to the vehicle.


We have put together the following special brochure for an initial overview of the diverse options. Take it along to your caravan constructor.

Special brochure camper vans

Special brochure camper vans, english



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