MB Vito

The small Mercedes-Benz transporters Vito and Viano.

We achieve the unique off-road capabilities of these vehicles by using a robust and tried-and-tested distributor gear with permanent power distribution among the front and rear axles. On demand, a large off-road reduction can be activated electronically. To further increase the off-road capabilities, we also install a 100% lock serially.

The required ground clearance is reached by raising the serial front-axis carrier with spacer elements. Various modifications permit taking up the newly developed front-axle gear. On request, it can be provided with a 100 % mechanical differential lock.

The rear axle is, of course, also adjusted to the new requirements. It also has a 100 % mechanical differential lock on request. All off-road functions are controlled via a dedicated digital control. It permits comfortable activation and deactivation of the off-road special functions by pushing a button in the cockpit.