Having the right drive isn't enough. Often, tyres and wheels are decisive!

We offer a compact overview of our most tried-and-tested wheels. Of course, detailed consulting and knowledge of the technical prerequisites is important.

All wheel rims can be powder-coated in black or other RAL colours.


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265/75R16 BFGoodrich AT on serial wheel rim

Control on Any Terrain

For off-road all-rounders (50 % On-Road, 50 % Off-Road)

Excellent drive on any terrain.

  • Wide grooves at the shoulders
  • Profile relocation into the side wall

Unusual resilience and service life (Trigard carcass).

  • Deep, aggressive profile
  • High lamella density
  • M+S

Further dimensions: 245/75R16, 265/75R16, 285/75R16, 285/65R19


Dimension: 265/75R16 |  Fuel efficiency: F |  Wet adhesion: A  |  External rolling sound: 075 

245/75R16 BFGoodrich MT on serial wheel rim

They Are Unstoppable

For off-road all-rounders (20 % On-Road, 80 % Off-Road)

Resilient mix in the flank ensures high robustness.

  • Was developed for special protection against abrasions and cuts from sharp-edged stones and obstacles in the terrain.

Profile with good grip for high traction

  • A profile pulled all the way to the flank increases traction, specifically when driving with lowered wheel inflation pressure
  • Reinforced rubber mix at the side walls protects the tyre at hardest off-road stress.

Reinforced carcass for harsh off-road-use

  • Weaknesses at the side walls may terminate off-road operation very fast. Stronger carcass ropes in the side walls give the tyre the protection needed for extreme conditions in the terrain
  • M+S

Other dimensions: 245/75R16, 265/75R16, 285/75R16


Dimension: 245/75R16 |  Fuel efficiency: G |  Wet adhesion: C  |  External rolling sound: 076 

285/75R16 BFGoodrich AT

For off-road all-rounders (50 % On-Road, 50 % Off-Road)

Also suitable for 5 ton vehicles. Change from twin to single tyres at the rear axle (at 5 ton vehicles V/max 90 Km/h).


  • Excellent drive on any terrain
  • Outstanding resilience and service life (Trigard carcass)

Dimension: 285/75R16 |  Fuel efficiency: F  |  Wet adhesion: A  |  External rolling sound: 075 

235/65R17 General Grabber AT2

Off-road all-season tyres

All-season tyres, M+S-mark. Robust all-rounder that masters all terrain difficulties. Also brings out its outstanding driving properties fully on the road.



  • Deep profile to the flank for high traction
  • Resilient mix in the flank ensures high robustness
  • Reinforced carcass for harsh off-road use

Dimension: 235/65R17 |  Fuel efficiency: F |  Wet adhesion: F  |  External rolling sound: 073 

315/75R16 General Grabber AT on steel rim

An all-weather tyre as an all-terrain specialist.

On dry or wet streets or off-road: the Grabber offers excellent grip, perfect handling and comfortable driving properties. The robust construction of the Grabber ensures the greatest possible protection against damage to the running tread and the side wall. The pioneering, sound-optimised profile and tread design makes the Grabber particularly silent.



  • Low rolling sound
  • Excellent traction
  • High grip in sludge
  • Very good steering behaviour

Dimension: 315/75R16 |  Fuel efficiency: F |  Wet adhesion: C  |  External rolling sound: 074 

235/75R17,5 Continental on 17,5 special steel rim

Specialist for demanding distributor use


  • Outstanding running output from sophisticated profile design and abrasion-resilient running tread mixtures for many different usage conditions.
  • Comprehensively good running properties due to a well-balanced overall concept of the profile, mixture and construction in city, state road and motorway traffic.
  • Matching sizes for all light-weight industrial vehicles on the market.

Dimension: 235/75R17,5 |  Fuel efficiency: E |  Wet adhesion: C  |  External rolling sound: 075 


Mounted right on the tailgate.

The holder is installed on the left of the tailgate for attaching an additional spare wheel.

This permits taking along the corresponding spare wheels even with large wheel/tyre combinations.

Designs of steel, painted black by default.


Pre-separator air filter upstream of the motor air filter installed in the factory.

To avoid damage to the motor, it is necessary to remove dust and water and to thus relieve the main air filter. This increases the service life of the entire filter system verifiably.

Since the pre-filter is mounted at roof height right at the A-pillar of the vehicle, crossing even deep water is possible.


Air-Filter Pre-Separator with Intake Tube STANDARD

Intake tube with Air Filter Standard

Air-filter pre-separator standard design.

This air-filter pre-separator relieves the main air filter by removing dust and water and increases the service life of the entire filter system.

It prevents dirt particles from the intake air entering the motor through the air filter.

Pre-filter incl. intake tube installed at the left A-pillar, painted black (all RAL-colours possible).


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Air-Filter Pre-Separator with Intake Tube TOP-AIR

Intake Tube with Air Filter TOP-AIR

Stainless steel rotor with ball-bearing
Under polished aluminium hood.

This air-filter pre-separator is installed at the left of the A-pillar and is available in all RAL-colours.

It prevents dirt particles from the intake air entering the motor through the air filter.

It also is maintenance- and wear-free and has a robust build for extreme stress with lateral particle ejection. This way, you do not need to empty any collection containers.


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Large-Volume Tanks for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and VW Crafter.

For use on the undercarriages (single cabin) of estate cars and vans. They enable you to clearly increase the range and autonomy of your vehicle.

  • For serial vehicles 4x2, 4x4 and IGLHAUT all-wheel vehicles
  • Volumes 140 l, 180 l and 230 l
  • Fill level depending on vehicle equipment, wheel base and build

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Protection for the Front Axle of 8 mm Aluminium Sheet.

Protects the front axle of the vehicle not only when driving in extreme terrains, but also on unpaved streets. The front-axle protection is an effective preventive measure for avoiding expensive consequential damage.


Transfer Case Protection of Steel Tube and Aluminium Sheet.


Protection for the Fuel Tank of 6 mm Aluminium Sheet.

Our tank protection can be implemented for all models as an impact protection.

Even an invisible rock on a worn-out forest path may damage a vehicle in the blink of an eye and prevent it from going on. The consequences are even worse if problems occur during an off-road tour or a rescue mission far from any workshop or recovery vehicle.


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Wheel covers and freewheel in large wheel/tyre combinations.

Our plastic widenings are perfectly adjusted to the vehicle's car body. For particularly harsh use, they are also available with a highly resilient KCN coating.

The standard design is coloured like the shock absorber; special colours are available on request.

With this "bulky" look, your vehicle will leave a very special impression.


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We use winches that have been tried and tested around the world.

Our rope winches can be fixed or pluggable.

They are supplied with power through the on-board mains of the vehicle and the winch is comfortably controlled via a wire-bound remote control. The required power stage is directly coordinated with your vehicle and your individual requirements.


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Accessories: Transport protection for rope winch, pluggable, winch with steel rope or plastic rope, adapter for the attachment device, accessory bags with idler pulley, tree anchor belt, choker chain, gloves, shackles