Drives 6x4 or 6x2 as three-axle vehicle.


Together with our customers, we design vehicles with 6x4 or 6x2 drives and an additional axis perfectly aligned with the respective transport tasks.

A vehicle with an admissible total weight of 4.6 t or 5.0 t is considered the basic vehicle. All all-wheel specific data remain unchanged.

To warrant permanent quality and function of the all-wheel drive even under the hardest of conditions, the IGLHAUT-vehicles and additional components are subjected to thorough testing. For development, the company places high value on cooperating with experienced and renowned suppliers from the automotive industry.

Up to four tons of payload, coupled with confidence and reliability on- and off-road. Outstanding off-road performance for drives on demanding terrain. The combination of permanent all-wheel drive, three 100 % differential locks and gear reduction ensure safe and comfortable driving off- and on-road.


We equip two-axle transporters with an additional axle to increase the admissible total weight to up to 7.5 tons.

Sales management: Volker Gallinat

Example: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


The permanent all-wheel drive is designed for the best traction.

The power distribution between the front and rear axles takes place at the ratio of 50:50.

Three 100 % differential locks put the drive force where the traction is best. They can be activated individually. The grip of a single wheel is enough for driving the vehicle.

The off-road reduction ensures best traction on difficult terrains, e.g. in sludge or sand, when manoeuvring with heavy trailers or steep drives up or down the mountain. It can be activated via the low-range lever.

  • Frame extensions are possible on demand
  • Tyres can be changed to 235/75R17,5, 265/75R16, 285/75R16
  • Snow chains can be installed
  • Track width up to 1,740 mm, single tyres
  • Hydraulic brake system with automatic adjustment, integrated into the brake system of the vehicle
  • Vehicle frame extension up to 1,000 mm
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