MB Sprinter

Performance capacity, reliability and safety: these are only some of the many reasons to choose the original.


Permanent all-wheel drive

The power distribution is spread across front and rear axle at a 50:50 ratio – an all-wheel drive with maximum traction according to the G-class.


Terrain reduction

On difficult terrain, such as sand or in sludge, our perfect reduction ratio ensures maximum traction. The reduction is ideally engaged by the selection lever while standing.


Three 100% differential locks

The drive forces are directly transmitted to the wheel with the strongest traction. The grip of only one wheel is sufficient for drive. Activating the respective differential locks takes place via switches in the cockpit. Switching the respective locks is only possible in the reduction mode.

According to the increasing traction demand, the locks are activated electronically according to the order: middle differential, rear axle differential and front axle differential, according to the G-class.


Our customers include communities, rescue services, fire brigades, operational authorities and military vehicles. Companies such as energy suppliers, cable layers, construction and transport companies, wind turbine operators, hunting and forestry operations, as well as many customers that put together an individual caravan or motor home.

Quote: Michael Iglhaut


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