We have been working for our customers for more than 30 years.
Our top-most claim is: producing high-performance all-wheel vehicles for every use – at the highest quality.

Anyone who is on the road in terms of drive technology, chassis, special tyres or brake systems cannot get past IGLHAUT GmbH from Marktbreit in Lower Franconia.

Since 1983, we have been producing drive systems for external demand. With wheel-based extensions and reductions towards end cars and special setups, we also fill niches and are able to look back onto many years of satisfied customers. What characterises high quality?

  Maintenance of as many serial parts as possible in the basic vehicle (steering, shock absorber, front axle cross-steering, brake system, rear axle).

  Preferred use of Mercedes-Benz genuine parts for all required modifications in the frame of the conversion (balancer, disc wheels, conical wheels, bearings, sealing rings, screw).

  IGLHAUT – special parts: e.g. front-axle carriers with special front-axle spring and front-axle gear housing as well as sheet parts (holder, increases).



The original, also in production.


All attachment parts are attached to serial screw points and without additional welding work. Our know-how, collected over many years, enables us to maintain the many innovations of the serial vehicle, among others in terms of crash behaviour.

Vehicles converted by us can be repaired and serviced in any Mercedes-Benz contracted workshop around the world.

  • Steering and chassis geometry according to the base vehicle
  • Newly developed GFK front axle suspension
  • Adaptation of the serial rear axle
  • Running dynamics coordination due to development by Mercedes-Benz
  • Securing operational strength of the basic vehicle and special parts by long-term test run on bad ground conditions at Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim
  • Separate tests of specifically safety-relevant components, as well as off-road driving tests under the harshest conditions
  • Comprehensive documentation of all conversion measures in the Mercedes-Benz documentation database
  • Very low centre of gravity

In the development of drive components, electronics and accessories, we place high value on cooperating with experienced and renowned suppliers from the automotive industry. Only this way can evenly high quality of the components be ensured. Progressive manufacturing procedures and production methods are a prerequisite for function and longevity. Our modern logistics and stock-keeping keep more than 5,000 parts in stock at all times.


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MB Sprinter

Performance capacity, reliability and safety: these are only some of the many reasons to choose the original.


Permanent all-wheel drive

The power distribution is spread across front and rear axle at a 50:50 ratio – an all-wheel drive with maximum traction according to the G-class.


Terrain reduction

On difficult terrain, such as sand or in sludge, our perfect reduction ratio ensures maximum traction. The reduction is ideally engaged by the selection lever while standing.


Three 100% differential locks

The drive forces are directly transmitted to the wheel with the strongest traction. The grip of only one wheel is sufficient for drive. Activating the respective differential locks takes place via switches in the cockpit. Switching the respective locks is only possible in the reduction mode.

According to the increasing traction demand, the locks are activated electronically according to the order: middle differential, rear axle differential and front axle differential, according to the G-class.


Our customers include communities, rescue services, fire brigades, operational authorities and military vehicles. Companies such as energy suppliers, cable layers, construction and transport companies, wind turbine operators, hunting and forestry operations, as well as many customers that put together an individual caravan or motor home.

Quote: Michael Iglhaut


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MB Vito

The small Mercedes-Benz transporters Vito and Viano.

We achieve the unique off-road capabilities of these vehicles by using a robust and tried-and-tested distributor gear with permanent power distribution among the front and rear axles. On demand, a large off-road reduction can be activated electronically. To further increase the off-road capabilities, we also install a 100% lock serially.

The required ground clearance is reached by raising the serial front-axis carrier with spacer elements. Various modifications permit taking up the newly developed front-axle gear. On request, it can be provided with a 100 % mechanical differential lock.

The rear axle is, of course, also adjusted to the new requirements. It also has a 100 % mechanical differential lock on request. All off-road functions are controlled via a dedicated digital control. It permits comfortable activation and deactivation of the off-road special functions by pushing a button in the cockpit.

BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2

IGLHAUT was given the exclusive opportunity of testing the BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2 extensively. The Mud Terrain (MT), which has been awaited with great excitement, is described as follows on the manufacturer's website:

The Mud Terrain T/A KM2 isn't easily impressed. Its profile has been specifically developed for off-road use, to overcome any obstacles there. The performance properties and the looks of this tyre were improved to give the off-road driver a more robust tyre that offers extreme and as-yet unknown properties. If you want to keep driving where the asphalt stops, the Mud Terrain T/A KM2 is your ideal partner! A profile pulled to the flank provides improved traction, specifically when driving with a lower inflation pressure. Additional flank rubber makes the tyre outstandingly robust. A stronger carcass in the flank offers outstanding protection even with the harshest off-road uses.

Source: BFGoodrich

This is reason enough for IGLHAUT to have a closer look at this tyre and to test it extensively for off-road use.

The aggressive looks and the rough-profile tyres initially made us doubt whether this tyre would permit even remotely comfortable drives.

To our great surprise, the tyre convinces, with a rolling behaviour on the road that is actually comparable to that of conventional all-terrain (AT) tyres. Our amazement turned into enthusiasm when we were finally able to go "off-road" in an old quarry. It is incredible how this tyre digs into the ground. We were able to successfully complete manoeuvres that an AT-tyre really wouldn't have been able to do.

The tyre is, of course, supported by its open profile with aggressive profile blocks and impressive self-cleaning properties here.

Only a steep slope completely soaked by the rain caused the traction to break – the reason for this was a combination of wet grass and earth which clogged the profile after a while. Nevertheless, our all-wheel sprinter made it a good way farther up the hill than a GLK with electronically controlled all-wheel system did the day before...


As a result, we have to say:

The BFGoodrich Mud Terrain is an outstanding supplement for our IGLHAUT all-wheel system in heavy off-road use!


By the way: the new MT-tyre bears the required mark for road-traffic licensing.



Adventure and freedom, or simple free time and relaxation:
The market for caravans, travelling and expedition modules is booming.

The needs of motor home owners for increasingly high-quality products and solutions are increasing.

We offer our original IGLHAUT all-wheel drive for those who want to differentiate themselves from the wide mass and reach objectives that cannot be reached with a regular off-road vehicle.

Based on the Mercedes-Benz sprinter – the standard on the transporter market – you can configure your motor home that will come with you to the end of the world! The sprinter's car-like driving comfort in combination with a highly off-road-capable all-wheel drive is the perfect basis for relaxed all-wheel adventures!

Designed with true mechanical differential locks, rough-profile all-terrain tyres and massive undertray protection devices will enable you to comfortably switch to the large off-road reduction and continue driving where drivers of vehicles with electronically-controlled all-wheel systems are starting to unload their camping furniture.


Mountain-air adjustment of the control unit for EURO 5 and 6 motors

For expedition vehicles that are often or permanently operated at high altitudes, the control unit requires mountain-air adjustment. For example, the burn-out times of the soot-particle filter are optimised, which prevents subsequent damage to the vehicle.


We have put together the following special brochure for an initial overview of the diverse options. Take it along to your caravan constructor.

Special brochure camper vans

Special brochure camper vans, english



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