We have been working for our customers for more than 30 years.
Our top-most claim is: producing high-performance all-wheel vehicles for every use – at the highest quality.

Anyone who is on the road in terms of drive technology, chassis, special tyres or brake systems cannot get past IGLHAUT GmbH from Marktbreit in Lower Franconia.

Since 1983, we have been producing drive systems for external demand. With wheel-based extensions and reductions towards end cars and special setups, we also fill niches and are able to look back onto many years of satisfied customers. What characterises high quality?

  Maintenance of as many serial parts as possible in the basic vehicle (steering, shock absorber, front axle cross-steering, brake system, rear axle).

  Preferred use of Mercedes-Benz genuine parts for all required modifications in the frame of the conversion (balancer, disc wheels, conical wheels, bearings, sealing rings, screw).

  IGLHAUT – special parts: e.g. front-axle carriers with special front-axle spring and front-axle gear housing as well as sheet parts (holder, increases).



The original, also in production.


All attachment parts are attached to serial screw points and without additional welding work. Our know-how, collected over many years, enables us to maintain the many innovations of the serial vehicle, among others in terms of crash behaviour.

Vehicles converted by us can be repaired and serviced in any Mercedes-Benz contracted workshop around the world.

  • Steering and chassis geometry according to the base vehicle
  • Newly developed GFK front axle suspension
  • Adaptation of the serial rear axle
  • Running dynamics coordination due to development by Mercedes-Benz
  • Securing operational strength of the basic vehicle and special parts by long-term test run on bad ground conditions at Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim
  • Separate tests of specifically safety-relevant components, as well as off-road driving tests under the harshest conditions
  • Comprehensive documentation of all conversion measures in the Mercedes-Benz documentation database
  • Very low centre of gravity

In the development of drive components, electronics and accessories, we place high value on cooperating with experienced and renowned suppliers from the automotive industry. Only this way can evenly high quality of the components be ensured. Progressive manufacturing procedures and production methods are a prerequisite for function and longevity. Our modern logistics and stock-keeping keep more than 5,000 parts in stock at all times.


Our parts and accessories specialists will offer professional advice.     +49 (0)9332 503-265